New puppies to tackle illegal tobacco crime in the UK

Meet Griff and Kevin, two new puppies being trained to help with the fight against illegal tobacco crime in the UK.

Griff, a 15 week old Springer Spaniel from Jersey and Kevin, a 13 week old Working Cocker Spaniel bred here in Wales are to be trained by multi-award winning dog trainer Stuart Phillips from Pembrokeshire based B.W.Y Canine. 

The two pups started their training at just 8 weeks old and it is hoped that by the time they are 9 months old can join Trading Standards and Police around the UK to sniff out illegal tobacco in shops, houses and vehicles. Griff and Kevin are in good hands as their trainer Stuart has had his work recognised many times over the years by receiving awards and a police commendation. 

For Griff and Kevin their training is focused all around play, using balls, Kongs and tuggys, something which they're enjoying very much at the moment. Over the past few weeks both pups have been visiting town centres, bus stations and and other busy environments to prepare them for a working life fighting crime in Toan and city centres across the UK. Over the next few months Griff and Kevin will be trained to use their amazing noses to sniff out tobacco hidden in all sorts of crazy locations in shops, houses, storage facilities and even vehicles.

You can follow Griff and Kevin as they progress on B.W.Y Canine social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter Instagram and YouTube. @BWYK9 #BWYK9


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