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Puppy Programme 

B.W.Y Canine Ltd has had a number of very successful litters, with our pups going on to work operationally as detection dogs. Generally we only ever breed Working Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels using some of the very best quality gundog bloodlines in Wales and the United Kingdom.

All of our puppies go through a full structured development plan, starting with early neurostimulation and socialisation, which begins from the moment they are born.

Puppies undergo a series of assessments, at various age benchmarks to ensure the highest levels of development are achieved.

In addition to breeding pups ourselves, we also purchase puppies from specific licensed Cocker and Springer breeders. These pups are always from top gundog breeders with generations of successful bloodlines.

Green (untrained) Dogs 

B.W.Y Canine Ltd provide green dogs to clients in the UK and globally. Green or untrained dogs have not undergone any formal training but have all the charactersitics and drive to become exceptional trained detection dogs.

Green dogs undergo an extensive and in depth selection process and are tested for temperament, personality and social traits, olfactory ability, health and physical structure and trainability.

More importantly, green dogs that we supply to our clients are highly motivated to play, exceptionally bold and obedient when on and off the leash.

Green dogs are normally between 6 months and 24 months old and are suitable for use in most detection dog disciplines. Should you have a specific requirement or project requiring a bespoke approach then we can discuss this further.

All dogs are health checked and supplied with the necessary vaccinations and paperwork to travel internationally, should this be required.

A detailed training document is supplied with each dog and training videos can also be supplied if required.

Part Trained Dogs 

Our part-trained dogs are ready to start formal training on your course. Rigorously tested and trained, our course ready dogs are delivered to you, ready to start your training with a handler.

Normally our course ready dogs are individually selected for the client and are trained to search for a specific target odour, either a tennis ball or Kong, or pieces of. We can also train on specific odours for the client.

All course ready dogs will be trained to give a solid indication, normally a stand and stare, freeze or a sit indication.

If you require a dog to placed directly onto a training course then a part-trained dog is what you require.

B.W.Y Canine Ltd is Home Office approved to hold real drug samples and live explosives for the purpose of training detection dogs. We are also licensed by our local Police Service to hold Firearms and ammunition.

We also hold bulk quantities of tobacco and cigarettes and also hold British pound bank notes and Euro notes for cash detection dog training.

Fully Trained Dogs 

Our fully trained detection dogs are just that, fully trained and ready to work operationally.

All B.W.Y Canine Ltd fully trained detection dogs have undergone many hours of testing, training and evaluation. All fully trained dogs are trained by multi-award winning dog trainer Stuart Phillips, who has over 23 years operational experience.

We are able to supply fully trained detection dogs in a number of disciplines, including but not limited to drugs, explosives, cash, tobacco, firearms and wildlife and bio-security.

B.W.Y Canine Ltd has supplied fully trained detection dogs for a number of clients in bespoke disciplines. In 2021 Stuart Phillips trained the worlds first “whisky dogs”, for a very special and secretive project for one of the worlds oldest and largest Scottish whisky makers.

We can offer a fully tailored package to deliver a detection dog for any organisations specific needs.

As part of our fully trained detection dog package we offer a full re-team service. Depending on the discipline we can deliver a fully trained detection dog together with a 5 day re-team course, ensuring that the dog and new handler have the best start to their operational working relationship. Our re-team courses are delivered by multi-award winning dog instructor Stuart Phillips.


For more information regarding the purchase of dogs from us, please email Stuart Phillips directly. 


You can also visit our YouTube channel, where you can see some of our dogs in training and working operationally.  

BWY Canine

Formed in 2009, B.W.Y CANINE is a leading supplier of specialist detection dogs for UK and international clients. B.W.Y CANINE provides a range of sniffer dog services to a very diverse range of clients for detecting Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and Counterfeit Tobacco. Our clients include Police Services, Trading Standards, Private Companies, NHS Trusts, Oil Refineries and the 3rd largest Port Authority in the UK.

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