Training & Seminars


Multi Award-Winning K9 Instructor 

With over 23 years operational experience and a vast amount of knowledge, Stuart is often asked to deliver training events and seminars, not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the globe. 

To date Stuart has delivered training and seminars to dog handlers and other canine professionals in the UK, Croatia, Bosnia, Latvia, France, Denmark and Indonesia. Typically Stuart is asked to work with government agencies and services like Customs, Police and Border Guard dog units but in recent years Stuart's expertise has been requested by Interpol the EOCD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

Stuart is available for one or two day training packages, one off seminar and conference events or longer term K9 projects. 


Tailored training for the specific needs of your department or service. Training days can be just one day or multiples of days and will be custom-designed for you, your dogs and your team or unit. Normally training days like this are delivered in an environment of your choosing. Stuart can deliver training at our dog training centre in the UK or anywhere in the world. 


Seminars delivered by Stuart are highly informative and are designed and tailored to the requirements of the audience. Stuart can cover a wide variety of topics and areas from a basic level right through to advanced. Typically seminars delivered by Stuart range between one and three days and can be delivered in anywhere in the world. 


Not only does Stuart have over 22 years of training and operating with detection dogs, he has worked with and been trained by some of the best dog handlers, trainers and instructors in the world. In a consultancy role, Stuart can help you establish a dog unit. From procuring and training dogs, selecting handlers, right through to kennel design and operational tasking matters. 

BWY Canine

Formed in 2009, B.W.Y CANINE is now a leading supplier of specialist detection dogs for UK and international clients. B.W.Y CANINE provides a range of sniffer dog services to a very diverse range of clients for detecting Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and Counterfeit Tobacco. Our clients include Police Services, Trading Standards, Private Companies, NHS Trusts, Oil Refineries and the 3rd largest Port Authority in the UK.

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