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Two Working Cocker Spaniels from Pembrokeshire based company B.W.Y Canine Ltd have been selected to take part in a very special sniffer dog project. Details of the project remain a closely guarded secret and the dog trainer selected to take part in this exciting project, Stuart Phillips, has said that the project is commercially, very sensitive.

Search Dog Trainer Stuart Phillips explains, "Rocco and Bran have been selected to the part in this project as they have amazing work ethic. Both dogs have undergone rigorous testing and they both did extremely well with all the suitability tests and assessments that we do with potential search dogs. Both dogs have started working on the new project, which requires them to locate and indicate on an odour. The odour that they are working with is not harmful to animals or humans, so there is no risk of danger for Rocco, Bran and their trainers and handlers. The odour which we are training them to find is not connected to any medical research and it is not any type of explosives or drugs. Details regarding the project should enter the public domain next year."


Photo: Stuart Phillips with award winning tobacco detection dogs Yoyo and Scamp.

Stuart is a multi-award winning dog trainer and was asked to take part and lead this special project for a major British company. Stuart can normally be found assisting Police, Trading Standards and other law enforcement agencies with search dogs trained to find items like drugs, cash and illegal tobacco. Stuart is a former dog handler for the Ministry of Defence Police & Guarding Agency and as well as training dogs and handlers, regularly speaks at conferences and seminars around the world. 

This special project that Stuart, Rocco and Bran are working on is due to be completed in February 2021 and if successful, Rocco and Bran will be the only two specialist search dogs in the UK, trained to locate the secret odour involved. When their training is completed, it is hoped that Rocco and Bran will work to eliminate a problem that exists for a number of companies and manufacturers in the UK and further afield. 

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