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Scamp pictured with Kay Burley and his handler Stu Phillips

Not many dogs get to appear on live TV, but tobacco detection dog Scamp from Pembrokeshire based B.W.Y Canine Ltd has been able to show millions of viewers how good he is at his job by carrying out a search, live on SKY News !

Scamp the Springer Spaniel joined one of the UKs most famous news presenters, Kay Burley, to highlight the ever increasing problem of illegal tobacco in the UK.

Joined by his trainer and handler Stu Phillips, the pair enjoyed over 4 minutes of live TV, sharing the ultra modern news studio and sofa with Kay Burley.

Scamp has assisted Trading Standards all over the UK to locate and seize over £6 million pounds-worth of illegal tobacco products. In 2012, Scamp the 9 month old puppy joined B.W.Y Canine Ltd to start his training as a tobacco detection dog. Proving too much for his previous owners, they made the difficult decision to give Scamp to Stuart, hoping that life as a detection would keep him occupied and use up some of his energy levels.

"Scamp has had an amazing career so far and it's not over yet", says Stuart, Managing Director of Pembrokeshire based B.W.Y Canine Ltd.

It's hopeful that Scamp will work for another 4 years or so, which should act as a warning to the criminals who sell and distribute illegal tobacco products in the UK.

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