Knife and drugs found by B.W.Y Canine Ltd sniffer dog in Leicester City Centre

B.W.Y Canine Ltd dog handler Simon Bishop with drug dog Moss and Leicestershire Police & Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach

Police seized drugs, a knife and a martial arts weapon during an operation in Leicester city centre, thanks to sniffer dogs provided by Wales based B.W.Y Canine Ltd.

Two men were arrested after on suspicion of possession of illegal drugs and offensive weapons.

The pair were detained by officers who were working on Operation Fall - an ongoing campaign which sees a sniffer dog deployed to detect people who bring drugs into the city centre at night or have been in recent contact with them.

City centre police tweeted about the arrests.

Officers believe cocaine in particular and some of the recently banned "new psychoactive substances" combine badly with alcohol and make users more prone to violence.

National research shows violent crime peaks in city centres between 1am and 5am from the effects of alcohol and drugs taken earlier in the evening.

Leicestershire's police and crime commissioner Lord Willy Bach joined Operation Fall officers in the city centre earlier this month.

He said afterwards: "It was fascinating to witness this dog in action and I was highly impressed at how accurate it was in detecting illegal substances.

"The relationship between drugs and alcohol and violent crime is well-documented.

"This operation is aimed at increasing the safety of pub and club goers by intervening early.

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About the author

Stuart Phillips, Managing Director of B.W.Y Canine Ltd.

Started his law enforcement career over 18 years ago and has been a dog handler, trainer and instructor since 2000.

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