One of the most sophisticated illegal tobacco concealments to be found in the North East was discovered by Cooper, a highly trained detection dog working for Wales based company B.W.Y Canine Ltd. Trading standards officers say the brick-built working barbie, which could be lifted up and down by remotely operated hydraulics, concealed a wooden chest full of cigarettes. It was one of the most sophisticated contraptions for hiding tobacco they had ever found.

BWY Canine

Formed in 2009, B.W.Y CANINE is a leading supplier of specialist detection dogs for UK and international clients. B.W.Y CANINE provides a range of sniffer dog services to a very diverse range of clients for detecting Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and Counterfeit Tobacco. Our clients include Police Services, Trading Standards, Private Companies, NHS Trusts, Oil Refineries and the 3rd largest Port Authority in the UK.

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